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Google fights terrorism

Google are hosting a summit “against violent extremism”, in an effort to combat global terrorism; but why Google? Advertisements

Giving the news a voice

Does hearing the voices of sources change the impact of a story?

Lost and found

Two articles published today by The Daily Telegraph show the differences in how asylum seekers are portrayed by journalists.

Are bikies terrorists?

New anti-association laws will make it illegal to be knowingly in company of members, former members or people involved in the running of a declared criminal organisation. While not specifically targeting motorcycle gangs, the Criminal Organisations Control Bill has been dubbed ‘anti-bikie laws’ by several journalists.

Getting the second side

News has emerged today that North Korea intends to direct their forthcoming missile launch towards South-East Asia and Australia. The warning came from Senior US official Kurt Campbell, to Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, and was reported by Fairfax Media. What wasn’t told is how Campbell acquired this information.

Who cares about Malcolm Naden? A news values issue

The arrest of Malcolm Naden yesterday has spurred a waterfall of stories, including traditional reporting, time-lines, features, summaries, letters and comparisons to Ned Kelly.

Abbott can/ Abbott won’t

A recent comment from Opposition leader Tony Abbott that: “These are Indonesian flagged, Indonesian crewed, Indonesian home ported vessels that are coming from Indonesia. Of course they can go back to Indonesia.” has spawned two very differently framed articles.