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Terrorism: not just al-Qaeda

It is easy for the public and the media to forget that terrorism is not a new word. Advertisements

Paintball and terrorists: novelty stories in terrorism?

Novelty stories are the filler and pick-me-up pieces in the media. Rarely does a quirky story carry a larger significance, and generally they are thrown at the end to lull the reader, listener or viewer back into a serene state so that they can continue into their next program or activity without too much worry.

Are bikies terrorists?

New anti-association laws will make it illegal to be knowingly in company of members, former members or people involved in the running of a declared criminal organisation. While not specifically targeting motorcycle gangs, the Criminal Organisations Control Bill has been dubbed ‘anti-bikie laws’ by several journalists.

Getting the second side

News has emerged today that North Korea intends to direct their forthcoming missile launch towards South-East Asia and Australia. The warning came from Senior US official Kurt Campbell, to Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, and was reported by Fairfax Media. What wasn’t told is how Campbell acquired this information.

“Constant state of violence”

‘After The Slaughter‘ is a review written in response to the recent massacre in Afghanistan. Matt Gallagher‘s piece is a stark contrast to Neil Shea’s, who writes using literary techniques to build tension and create characters.

“Dumb and vicious acts”

‘Afghanistan: A Gathering Menace‘ is a piece of New Journalism by Neil Shea that creatively combines fact-reporting and narrative technique to emotively tell its story.

“This week in war”

An interesting weekly piece from the tumblr blog ‘The Political Notebook“